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Hermes Authentication Guide (stamps/year, hardware, etc)

No Shape

Hermes letter with no shape


Hermes letter in a shape


1945 A

1971 A

1997 A

1946 B

1972 B

1998 B

1947 C

1973 C

1999 C

1948 D

1974 D

2000 D

1949 E

1975 E

2001 E

1950 F

1976 F

2002 F

1951 G

1977 G

2003 G

1952 H

1978 H

2004 H

1953 I

1979 I

2005 I

1954 J

1980 J

2006 J

1955 K

1981 K

2007 K (Orange dust bag changed from orange to double circle beige)

1956 L

1982 L 

2008 L

1957 M

1983 M

2009 M

1958 N

1984 N

2010 N

1959 O

1985 O

2011 O (Box has NO watermarks and the years before)

1960 P

1986 P

2012 P

1961 Q

1987 Q

2013 Q (H Artisans producing fake bags using original parts)

1962 R

1988 R

2014 R (H Artisans producing fake bags using original parts; Box has watermarks)

1963 S

1989 S

2015 T (no square started)

1964 T

1990 T

2016 X

1965 U

1991 U

2017 A

1966 V

1992 V

2018 C

1967 W

1993 W

2019 D

1968 X

1994 X

2020 Y (Started showing stamps on receipt)

1969 Y

1995 Y

2021 Z

1970 Z

1996 Z

 2022 U

2023 B (Stopped Raincoat in July?)

 2024 W



Image Hardware name Hermès code Description


Gold Hardware CC The classic hardware from the brand. Matches all yellow gold jewelry and will definitely have your bag stand out.


Palladium Hardware CK The second most used metal by the brand, with gold hardware. Matches silver, platinum and white gold jewelry.


Permabrass / Champagne / Laiton / Light Gold Hardware CP The Permabrass Hardware has a distinct brass tint that fits right between gold and silver's making it an easy wear no matter what jewelry you choose.


Rose Gold Hardware CD A vivid rose tint that will make your bag stand out.


Diamond Hardware CG A very exclusive combination of encrusted diamond on white gold.


Black / Ruthenium Hardware CY Ruthenium belongs to the Platinum group much like Palladium, however, it is darker and more mirrory. The So Black collection, currently one of the most desirable on the market, was not always as coveted as it is today. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier in 2010, the black hardware effect is created thanks to a process called PVD coating.


Brushed Gold Hardware CM Brushed gold has a more sober and darker tint than the regular version.


Brushed Palladium Hardware CB The brushing of Palladium makes it less mirrory and reflects light less than its regular counterpart giving it a more sober appearance.

Capture d’écran 2019-07-23 à 14.43.44

Special Order Hardware CZ A Special Order (SO) is a exclusive opportunity given to Hermès' best clients to order a customized bag and therefore chose the color/leather/hardware themselves. Such bags are called "Horseshoe bags" because of the special Horseshoe shaped stamp that Hermès puts on such bags.


Burnished Gold Hardware Burnished gold hardware has a soft, matte-like finish. It is somewhat shiny, but not as shiny or as vibrant as its regular gold counterpart. It is smooth to the touch and displays a great deal of detail. Only available on vintage models such as the Cordeliere bag.